Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A year in pictures...part one...or the first four months....

I don't know about you, but I LOVE and look forward to the pictures that I see on people's blogs more than I do the commentary. Don't get me wrong here, I do enjoy the updates and hearing about what friends/family are up to, but if I had to pick between commentary and pictures, I would pick pictures every time!

That being said, I have decided to update y'all with pictures. I know I spent most of last year NOT blogging, and this is my way of trying to make restitution for that. So grab a snack and pull up a comfy chair because you're gonna be here for awhile......

 JANUARY 2012 
Back to school...
Probably the biggest news of 2012 for us (and I would contend the MAIN REASON my blogging became obsolete) was that Mom (that's me!) went back to school. 

Cowgirls Basketball and Valentines Day

Supporting the girl's basketball team at our university

See's chocolates Valentine's Day morning...a tradition carried on from my dad
Valentine's Day breakfast

Valentine's lunch with my main squeeze

Our "attempt" at a "red dinner" for Valentine's Day

And our usual family tradition of sugar cookies

MARCH 2012
A "right of passage" birthday and San Francisco 

Our little girl turns 10!!!

Can you guess why she is sitting in a chair at the jewelery story, looking excited and nervous all at the same time?

Looking a bit more nervous here (which is why she's holding Grammy's hand)....but still excited!

TA DA!!! We have our ears pierced!!
This pic is the beginning of a few of the pics from our trip over spring break (which is in March here) to sunny...er...make that rainy San Francisco

That's right!! We ate delicious crab and homemade sourdough bread....A LOT!!

And we rode the trolley...ding ding!

Dad mastered the art of chopsticks...

And we bought matching sweatshirts!

Can't go to San Fran without encountering a little sea life..

or without seeing the Golden Gate Bridge.

Did you know they have a place called "Ghirardelli Square"? An entire "square" devoted to chocolate! It was like the mother ship was calling me home!!

"Krikey! I wish I wasn't made of wax!"

And the reason for our trip? Being together as a family :)

APRIL 2012
A trip to the zoo and Easter

I ask you...who's the monkey here?

Sneaking a ride with the 4 year old

Good friends make everything more fun!

We decided to try something new with our Easter Egg Extravaganza!!

This is the before....

What we think Angelina Jolie would look like if she was a farmer...ya...it's pretty accurate

Brock with hair...

Brock in 20 years!
Part two...coming soon to a blog near you!

Sunday, November 25, 2012


I know I have said this before, but there are just some things that a parent SHOULDN'T have to say...for instance: 
What do you get when you give this....

to this?

Funny story...
The other night, my little girl asked if she could use a foot file in her shower. I know she has seen me use my foot file before and has even had one used on her, so when she asked I was more than willing. 
She proceeded to shower.
After her shower she came to me and told me "thank you" for getting the foot file for her. She then began to tell me ALL OF THE MANY USES of a foot file.
I lie not....
She told me how great it was on her FEET...
How great it was on the palms of her HANDS...
How much she enjoyed using it on her ARMS...
And finally, how much softer her FACE felt!!
Yeah, that's right, I had to tell me beautiful 10 year old that a FOOT FILE is just that...a FOOT FILE! 

She makes life so much fun!!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

There's no place like home

So my little brother Jon is currently serving a 2 year mission, in California, for our church.  For Christmas this year we decided to send him our love....brother and sisters style. And since we all live in different states...well here is what we came up with.

Monday, December 5, 2011


I will let these pics speak for themselves......

This is what the weather gadget said it was on my phone this morning

There is ice on the dead bolt on the INSIDE of the house

A picture of the window...again from the inside

Can you see the ice? The ice on the INSIDE of my window!!! Am I making myself clear here? The ice is forming on the INSIDE!!! YEE-OW-ZAAH that's cold!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving continued....

Just a few more pics of our Thanksgiving break. 

While we were staying in Utah at my parents house, Sami and I decided to make piles of leaves in the backyard and jump in them! ( I mean, what else do you do with piles of leaves?)

After we demolished the piles of leaves, I decided that we should probably clean up our mess and help Grammy and Papa in the process. Much to Sami's dismay, this jumping in leaves became a lesson in hard work and finishing what we started. Funny how parenting moments work like that sometimes. Fun times, hard work and got to spend the whole day with my girl. Couldn't ask for more!